Wednesday, August 4th

1:45 - 2:45pm

#2A. Crafting Your Mindset

Presenter(s):  Na Tasha ShabazzGroup, LLC
Track:Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; College Level Staff

Na Tasha gives you actionable steps on how to help your students craft a powerful mindset to identify their self-worth and purpose. The principles used in this presentation coupled with social-emotional learning (SEL) focuses on student and staff achievement.

#2B. Recruitment - Relationships - Retention

Presenter(s): Dena Mossop, Educational Sales Rep., Paradigm Shift, Kolton Lynn, Educational Sales Rep., Paradigm Shift, & Jerrod Murr, Owner and CEO, Paradigm Shift
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS); Program Leadership

As we transition to more in-person programming, the door of opportunity for recruiting new students and re-engaging previous students is wide open. We want to help strengthen your skills by giving you tools to view recruitment through the lens of relationships, because relationships drive retention!

#2C. Upward Bound Now and Then: 20+ Years of Wisdom

Presenter(s): Carmelita Brown-Wallace, Program Director, Upward Bound, Monroe Community College, & Natalie Fabretti, Program Adviser, Upward Bound, Monroe Community College

Track: Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS)

A look at the successes and failures of Upward Bound Programs at Monroe Community College. An opportunity for all Upward Bound staff to learn from what has worked and the improvements that have been made to serve over 1,000 students. Programs Director, Carmelita Brown-Wallace, shares her hard-fought wisdom from over 20 years of service while Program Adviser, Natalie Fabretti, shares the innovations in the past 5 years including those made during the Pandemic.

#2D. SSS: Triumphs and Pitfalls of Year One

Presenter(s): Stephen Rebello, SSS Director, Binghamton University

Track: College Level Staff (SSS)

How do we recruit students? How do we gain access to records? How will students apply? Do we run a summer bridge program? These are just some of the questions new SSS programs have asked during AEEE SSS Roundtable Discussions this past year. Come hear the panelists, staff of new SSS programs and some seasoned veterans, answer these questions and any other questions you have about your own triumphs and pitfalls of year one.

#2E. TRIO Program Longevity: McNair Scholars Program

Presenter(s): Stephen Rebello, SSS Director, Binghamton University
Track: College Level Staff (McNair)

Since the first Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement programs were funded in 1989, McNair programs have had a far-reaching and long-lasting effect! This presentation celebrates the history of the McNair program by bringing together McNair Directors who have guided McNair programs across the AEEE region through political and legislative changes as well as a pandemic impact. These professionals are coming together to share tips, techniques, and strategies for developing a long-lasting McNair program that adapts well to changing environments. Furthermore, our panelists will also share insights on continuing to manage an effective McNair program during a grant writing year.