Thursday, August 5th

11:15 - 12:15pm

#3A. Advancing as a New Professional

Presenter(s): Stephen Rebello, SSS Director, Binghamton University, Nicole Nguyen, Assistant Director, Upward Bound, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, Kimyata Valere, Research Coordinator: McNair & Academic Advisor: Upward Bound, Rider University, & Christina Chisholm, Director: McNair, Rutgers University
Track: Novice (New to the Field)

Entering the world of Higher Education as a new professional pose a unique challenges. This presentation and panel discussion will address certain challenges and help you to develop a plan for a successful career. Seeking professional development and networking opportunities is critical for the career progression of new professionals. This session will explore how to enter and advance in your profession. Learning ways to save time through automating processes and improving workflow and program management. Through shared best practices, we will explore ways to expand our advocacy for TRIO within your respective institution, community and on the national level.

#3B. 1st Gen STEM - An Engaging, Impactful, and Fun Approach to Preparing Our Students

Presenter(s):  Johnathan Mallaley, Founder, Tried & True Education
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); Program Leadership

Coding can be scary…No, coding can be fun…Lots of fun…when done the right way! Over the past several years, partnering with TRIO programs, we have learned the secrets to creating Coding, Robotics, and Computer Engineering courses that TRIO students love! In this interactive session, you will: Earn the key elements needed to successfully engage 1st-Gen students in STEM programs, participate first-hand in a live coding lesson, and, you may even win a prize!

#3C. Dale Carnegie: Energized Communication: Part 2

                     **Please note that attendees who attend both Dale Carnegie sessions will receive a certificate of completion**

Presenter(s): Pat Griffin, Chief Sales Officer, Dale Carnegie, & Kareem Hayes, Consultant, Dale Carnegie

Track: Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College LevelStaff (McNair/SSS); Novice (New to the Field);

Participants will learn how to: Recognize that including action in our communication releases nervous energy, become more natural when communicating with others, and become more animated to energize and engage others.

#3D. Designing Logic Models: Making Your Work Make Sense

Presenter(s): Nathan Daun-Barnett, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair); Program Leadership

Policymakers want to know whether the money they spend improves educational outcomes for students. Sounds like a simple request, but for anyone that has served as a program evaluator, it is more complicated than it seems. If you want to design and implement a high-quality program and assess whether it’s effectiveness, you need to begin with a strong logic model and theory of change. In this session we discuss how to develop a logic model that clearly links resources, activities, outputs and outcomes and explains how you expect your program to affect student outcomes.