Thursday, August 5th

1:00 - 2:00pm

#4A. Transforming Your Leadership - Thinking 360

Presenter(s): Alex Williams, Associate Director, Talent Search, Brockport College, & Jazmine Powell, Academic Counselor, Binghamton University
Track: Novice (New to the Field) Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS); Program Leadership

What makes a leader? You may have a picture of what a leader is or leadership qualities you would like to have. But often our thoughts on leadership are focused on others and not on ourselves. The truth is – you can be a leader. Leading up, down, and across are the core foundations of 360-degree leadership. Through this presentation, you will learn tips on how to apply 360-degree leadership and tangible ways you can lead across multiple groups in any setting.

#4B. Marketing and Recruitment in Virtual and Hybrid Environments

Presenter(s): Jack Friedman, Founder, Study Smart Tutors, & Fabiola Tucux, Partnership Manager, Study Smart Tutors
Track: Novice (New to the Field) Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS)

Does your program offer “products” that your students, parents, and stakeholders consistently “buy?”! Through examples from both inside and outside the TRIO community, participants will learn essential marketing techniques and engagement strategies. Presenters will examine successful social media campaigns to engage even the hardest to reach populations. Further participants will discuss the benefits of how a trustworthy, consistent, and unique brand will allow your program’s impact to last well beyond the life of the grant cycle.

#4C. StudentAccess: The Leader in TRIO Software!

Presenter(s): Alex Grote, Vice President, StudentAccess
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS); Program Leadership, Alumni

Join our session to learn about how StudentAccess can help you manage your participant data. Utilities like the Multiple Student Tool, Online Applications, Dynamic Report Generator, and Data Set Editor help you efficiently manage data and create custom reports, and the Text Message and Email Generators assist you with keeping in contact with your participants. We follow the Department of Education reporting requirements for all grant types to ensure that our Annual Performance Report Generator is up-to-date.

#4D. Creating a Sense of Belonging: Lessons from the Pandemic

Presenter(s): Rachel Campbell, Academic Advisor/TRIO Alum, College Programs, University of Rochester, Kalem Rutledge, Academic Advisor/TRIO Alum, College Programs, University of Rochester, Andrew Gold, Academic Advisor, College Programs, University of Rochester
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; College Level Staff (McNair/SSS)

Spending over a year in the virtual setting, we have become creative in our approaches towards student engagement and creating a sense of belonging. While we are beginning to transition back to in-person learning, we shouldn’t allow the treasures we discovered to fade along with the pandemic. This session will focus on how the David T. Kearns Center, which houses the University of Rochester’s TRIO programs, has utilized the virtual spaces of social media and zoom to develop social-emotional programming, an interactive remote campus community, and professional development; consequently, creating programming that incentivized interactions.

#4E. Let's Talk Student Mental Health: How to Make Sure Your Program is Proactively Attending to the Mental Health of Your Students

Presenter(s): Christina Broderick, Founder and CEO of Broderick & Co. and IgnitEDU
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS); Program Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the student mental health crisis to the forefront. With over 80% of students indicating severe stress in 2020 negatively impacted their lives and academic attainment, we need to ensure we are equipping our students with knowledge, strategies and skills to protect their mental health. In this session, participants will learn about the current student mental health landscape, reflect on how the mental health challenges that exist within their student population, learn ways to ensure their program is consistently attending to the mental health of their students, and the key points to sustainable practices.