Dr. Ronke Lattimore Tapp

Workshop Presenter

Ronke Lattimore Tapp, PH.D.

Ronke Lattimore Tapp, PH.D. is a licensed Counseling Psychologist with a lifelong passion and professional interest in issues of multiculturalism and diversity and its impact on individuals, their interpersonal/social and community relations, and societal interactions. Dr. Tapp currently works as the Assistant Director of Multiculturalism at the University of Rochester’s, University Counseling Center. She provides therapy to a diverse student body, and training, consultation, and outreach to other therapists, University staff and professors, and student groups. In addition, she also creates and provides related lectures, workshops, and trainings within the local community as requested. Her concentration areas include:  1) Multicultural (including race/ethnicity, gender, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, etc.) issues related to identity, adjustment, interpersonal relationships/conflict, academic/work success, etc.; 2) Understanding and addressing historical oppression and historical/generational trauma (especially race and ethnicity based traumas, e.g.  PTSS, Japanese Internment, Native experiences, etc.); 3) Best practices in diversity training, e.g. “Teaching Sensitive Topics” series; and 4) Cognitive and Behavioral based treatments.  She is also partially fluent in Spanish (~85% written, slightly less verbal) and has conducted some bilingual therapy.

Additionally, Dr. Tapp, recently began a personal and professional interest “hobby” in the creation of “Sistah Doctor”, a Facebook page and YouTube channel focused on sharing information focused on the mental health of communities of color and faith.  Sistah Doctor’s shared resources also include a parenting focused page, “Train Them Up Determined”.