Wednesday, August 4th

11:00 - 12:00pm

#1A. Supporting TRIO Students: Using Virtual Resources for Onboarding & Continued Success

Presenter(s): Stephanie Neve, Innovative Educators & Alex Pecoraro, Innovative Educators
Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College Level Staff (McNair/SSS); Program Leadership, Alumni

How can institutions use online programming to orient TRIO students for success while also bridging skill development and supporting academic enrichment? Online orientation and virtual support resources can provide profound opportunities to enhance existing practices to inform TRIO students about academic opportunities, campus resources, and policies & procedures, while providing the flexibility to create content such as an intrusive advising module. Learn how institutions are using Innovative Educators’ virtual resources to prepare TRIO students for success addressing critical areas such as financial literacy, career exploration, and cultural enrichment. Join us to discover how you can leverage virtual resources to impact TRIO student success utilizing Go2Orientation & StudentLingo.

#1B. EMPOWER - The Complete APR solution and more! Now Accepting Upward Bound and Talent Search Programs. Complete the APR and more!

Presenter(s): Patricia Mahomond, Director, Strategic Initiatives: Council for Opportunity in Education
Track: Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS)

Attention Talent Search and Upward Bound Professionals-How would you like to access and use your data in quickly and more meaningfully? empower is a secure, cloud-based suite of tools using best-in-class technology to help access and analyze data. With this cloud-based data solution developed by the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE), users can integrate student data from multiple stakeholders—schools, community partners, colleges, and TRIO program leaders, collaborate across school and community partners to plan for student success, and track interactions with students as individuals and groups. empower is competitively priced with other APR software.

#1C. STEMify your program: Approaches to STEM services in synchronous and asynchronous environment

Presenter(s): Aaron Cortes, Director, STEAM Pathways, Center for College Access & Success

Track: Novice (New to the Field); Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS)

Can STEM/STEAM be taught via remote learning? Does your program have the capacity to lead STEM/STEAM activities? Will your program have the ability to sustain contractual services for STEM/STEAM activities? If any of these questions have you wondering, then STEAMify your program session is here to provide solutions based on past and current experiences. STEAMify will provide approaches for strategies remote learning both synchronous and asynchronous, use of free platforms to instruct, systems for staff professional development and capacity building and developing sustainability within your program for the continuation of STEM/STEAM services.

#1D. Dale Carnegie: Energized Communication: Part 1

                     **Please note that attendees who attend both Dale Carnegie sessions will receive a certificate of completion**

Presenter(s): Pat Griffin, Chief Sales Officer, Dale Carnegie, & Kareem Hayes, Consultant, Dale Carnegie

Track: Experienced TRIO Personnel; Pre-College Staff (UB/UBMS/ETS); College LevelStaff (McNair/SSS); Novice (New to the Field);

Participants will learn how to: Recognize that including action in our communication releases nervous energy, become more natural when communicating with others, and become more animated to energize and engage others.